Our expert knowledge of these product classes, combined with our passion and dedication to completely understand our clients’ business needs and circumstances, empowers us to deliver smart, cost-effective risk transfer solutions.


At Costero Brokers Ltd. we have close relationships with several leading A&H markets to provide the right cover to our clients.

Main Areas of Expertise:
• Key Man Insurance
• Group Personal Accident
• Income Protection
• Gig Economy Income Protection
• Sports Personal Accident
• War & Terrorism cover for those travelling to high risk territories
• Travel Insurance, Evacuation and Repatriation Add Ons
• Kidnap & Ransom and Crisis Response
• Occupational Accident
• High Limit Disability
• Pilot’s and Loss of Licence
• Credit Card Enhancements
• Point of Sale Personal Accident Insurance
• Life Insurance


Affinity Schemes cover a wide range of insurance products and at Costero Brokers Ltd. we have expertise both in creating schemes for our partners that can add real value to an underlying business and in bringing Insurers and Businesses together to ensure that the right markets are used for each Affinity product.

We can work on a Worldwide basis and our aim is to fully understand the underlying business model and how and why an Affinity insurance scheme will add value. We will then be able to work with partners on either a direct or reinsurance basis to create an effective scheme.

Main Areas of Expertise
• Gadget Cover
• Lost Keys / Misfuelling etc
• Members’ Liability Insurance
• Key Man Insurance
• Point of Sale Personal Accident Insurance
• Personal Accident Income Protection (including Gig Economy)
• Legal Expenses
• Kidnap & Ransom and Crisis Response
• Credit Card Enhancements (Warranty Insurance, Purchase Protection, Ticket insurance and Collision damage waiver)
• Auto Affinity – GAP, Total Loss Protection, Anti-theft Protection, Auto Deductible Reimbursement, Tyre and Wheel, Satisfaction Guarantee
• Financial Protection – Mortgage Impairment, Mortgage Fraud, Lendors Single Interest, Unemployment


Costero Brokers Ltd. has access to global markets offering Equine/Bloodstock as well as traditional and non-traditional Livestock Coverage.

Equine coverages include:
• All Risks Mortality (including Life-saving Surgical Fees extension)
• Vet Fees
• Loss of Use
• Associated property (Tack & equipment), Personal accident and equine related Third-Party liability

Bloodstock Coverages include:
• All risks mortality
• Stallion permanent total infertility and Congenital first season infertility
• Surgical costs
• Stallion loss of income
• Transit

Livestock on an agreed value basis including coverages for: all types of livestock, including Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, chickens and other birds, etc.
Livestock on a contingency basis includes coverages for pretty much any domesticated animal.

Costero Brokers Ltd. has a facility in place to access Parametric Agriculture coverage which requires taking a view on a farms operating processes, location and disaster recovery plans, and providing coverage to support the farm during an outage that may be caused by an insured event.  Examples include traditional livestock risks such as Notifiable diseases (Avian Flu, African Swine Fever, etc.) Weather/drought/flood, government enforced slaughter/quarantine, etc.  as well as less traditional coverages where an associated agricultural or non-agricultural business may experience disruption due to an agricultural event, e.g. – Unusual/Unforeseen disruptions to production, film producer’s indemnity, leisure and travel disruption.


Costero Brokers Ltd. offers access to Lloyd’s and company Contingency markets.

We offer the following products:

• Event cancellation due to all perils including; weather, natural disaster, death and disability, national mourning, terrorism and active assailant amongst others.
• Non-appearance
• Prize indemnity and over redemption
• Weather risks
• Death & disgrace


Costero Brokers Ltd. are one of the early innovators of the cyber market in Lloyd’s and have experience going back to its creation. We continue to create tailor made or modular products for both commercial and personal lines cyber.

Commercial Cyber
The use, storage and value of data and technology is increasing rapidly as it becomes more and more integral to every industry globally. Our dependence on our cloud networks, server’s and third party IT providers functioning as you would expect is vital. Failure to any of these can lead to significant costs and create substantial legal liabilities whilst damaging public confidence in a company’s brand and a direct loss of income. With the increasing threat of Cyber Crime and the level of sophistication on which these and other malicious attacks to businesses occur in both severity and frequency the demand for ‘cyber liability insurance’ is increasing.

Costero Brokers Ltd. offers the following 1st and 3rd party coverages which can be packaged in a modular way to fit your clients needs:
• Cyber incident response costs (including IT forensics, legal, breach notification and crisis communications)
• Cybercrime and Ransomware (including social engineering, theft of personal funds, cyber extortion, and unauthorised use of computer resources (e.g. cryptojacking or botnetting)
• System damage and business interruption (including full data re-creation, income loss and extra expense, additional extra expense and hardware repair and replacement)
• Reputational Harm – loss of income due to adverse media reports caused by a cyber breach. Allows for costs to engage public relations experts to mitigate any brand loss in the event of a claim.
• Network security and privacy liability (including management liability arising from a cyber events and regulatory fines and penalties)
• Media liability (including defamation and intellectual property rights infringement)
• Technology errors and omissions
• Court attendance costs

Personal Cyber
Our Personal Cyber insurance product (available in the UK, USA and Europe) helps individuals and families to reduce their exposure to a cyber attack and gives them peace of mind with specific cyber risks. It includes a free personal cyber risk assessment via a specialist vendor and includes the following coverages:

• Computer Attack – Reimburse the costs to repair or replace the affected PC’s, tablets, IOT and smart appliances;

• Network extortion – reimburse the costs and expenses of engaging an IT expert to remove malware and deal with a ransomware incident including the reimbursement the ransom or extortion for the release of personal information or the third party’s confidential information;

• Data loss recovery – reimburse costs and expenses to restore personal information and digital assets that has arisen due to a cyber incident;

• Identity theft – reimburse the costs to rectify credit records through theft of ID; reimburse expenses (including travel above 240km) to resolve issues with credit records. Access to credit monitoring for 12 months after the incident;

• Unauthorised online transactions – Reimburse the financial losses suffered pay for the unauthorised purchases where a bank will not reimburse the funds (credit cards are excluded);

• Mobile banking protection – Reimburse the financial loss arising from the Unauthorised Use of Your Mobile Payment App following the loss or theft of Your Mobile Device.


Costero Brokers Ltd. have been at the forefront of the drone insurance industry since its beginnings and help provide cover to commercial insureds around the world.

We work with operators using drones for a wide range of civil and commercial applications, covering everything from agriculture to zoos, and everything from small prosumer vehicles such as DJIs, to large unmanned rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Product Highlights
• UAV Hull
• UAV Third Party Liability
• UAV War Liability (our coverage is EC785/2004 compliant)
• UAV Operators Indemnity
• Liability to UAS Operators
• Strikes, Malicious Acts and Hi-Jack Coverage
• Invasion of Privacy Liability
• Cyber – Loss of Digital Assets
• Noise Liability


At Costero Brokers Ltd. we have the knowledge and expertise to assist our clients with leading casualty products.

Main Areas of Expertise
• Product Liability
• Public Liability
• Employers’ Liability
• Environmental Liability
• Product Recall


Costero Brokers Ltd. work with the leading Healthcare underwriters in Lloyd’s and we offer solutions to a wide range of clients and industry sectors to address the ever-growing risks faces by the global healthcare industry.

• Medical Professional liability
• General liability
• High limit disability to Physicians in the USA only.
• Managed Care E&O, D&O and EPLI
• Cyber Liability / Network Security for physicians, hospitals and medical clinics
• Legal expenses for defence costs, civil fines and penalties for Billing Errors
• Non-Standard Physicians

Our clients include:
• Healthcare systems, hospitals & community hospitals
• Clinics, rehab clinics & surgical clinics
• Home healthcare
• Tele-medicine and online e-healthcare
• Long term care & nursing homes (skilled, assisted & independent living)
• Universities, colleges & teaching institutions
• Doctor & physician groups
• Association of medical professionals & affinity groups
• Managed care organisations
• Miscellaneous healthcare


Costero Brokers Ltd. are at the forefront of innovation within the insurance industry and have particular expertise in addressing emerging risks and exposures.

We have already placed our first risk in the Lloyd’s Product Innovation Facility and are the leading producing broker for Drone business into London. We have developed and placed several new and exciting insurance products in our ten years of existence and are able to offer a high level of attention to new product ideas.

We are here to assist you with your emerging risk exposure or exciting new idea, whether that be an individual placement you need coverage for, or by putting in place facilities, or assisting coverholders access capacity. We are also well connected within the industry and might be able to assist with contacts or funding where required.

Main Areas of Expertise
• Personal Cyber
• Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
• E-scooters and Micromobility
• Cryptocurrency related exposures
• Gig Economy Coverages
• Pay-as-you-go Coverages
• Parametric triggered insurance products
• Blockchain enabled products
• Communicable disease business interruption policies
• Technology driven disrupting concepts


Costero Brokers Ltd. have extensive experience in marine, cargo and energy placements.

• Marine
• Cargo
• Stock throughput
• Hull, Commercial Fleets, Singletons, Specialist Vessels and Yachts
• P&I and Marine liabilities
• Ports, Marinas and Terminals
• Builders Risks
• Freight Liability

Energy Offshore and Onshore
• Property and Liability
• GOM Wind exposure
• Construction


Costero Brokers Ltd. are highly experienced in Political Violence and Terrorism and we deliver a broad range of products to our clients globally.

Our solutions include but are not limited to:

• Riots, Strikes, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Rebellion, Insurrection, Coup d’Etat, Mutiny, Counter Insurgency, Civil War and War (cover can be structured to include all, or only a selection of these perils).
• Active Assailant leading to extra expenses including public relations costs, relocation, counselling, medical expenses and additional security.
• Business Interruption (including Contingent), including Gross loss of Revenue, Denial of Access, Threats and/or Hoaxes and any declared Extra Expenses.
• Sabotage, Terrorism
• Parametric Terrorism and Cyber terrorism
• Coverage can be considered on a full value, or on a loss limit basis.

PVT Proposal Form


At Costero Brokers Ltd. we have the experience, expertise and commitment to ensure that we tailor the right cover to meet the demands of each of our insureds.

With access to Financial Lines insurers in all global markets and the ability to craft bespoke solutions for specific needs, we can deliver the right cover at competitive terms for each client.

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Errors & Omissions
  • Directors’ & Officers’
  • Employment Practises Liability
  • Financial Institutions Crime and Liability
  • Commercial Crime
  • Public Offering of Securities
  • Fine Art and Specie


Costero Brokers Ltd. Offers our clients access to Global Property markets – the Team provides expert knowledge across a wide range of multiple Industry Sectors:

Including Habitational, Retail, Hospitality, Communications and Logistics and Real Estate etc.

We specialise in open market , lineslip , binding authorities , reinsurance and large facultative placements on a Primary , Excess of Loss or Quota share basis.

By achieving the most comprehensive coverage utilising our in house wording experts knowledge to tailor programmes to the client’s needs at competitive terms.

All risks of physical loss or damage

  • Terrorism
  • Named and non-named windstorm
  • Flood
  • Storm surge
  • Wind driven water
  • Earthquake / shock
  • Business interruption
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Machinery breakdown and Boiler explosion
  • Deductible buy-downs

Coverage Highlights:

• All risks of physical loss or damage
• Terrorism
• Named and non-named windstorm
• Flood
• Storm surge
• Wind driven water
• Earthquake / shock
• Business interruption
• Contingent business interruption
• Machinery breakdown and Boiler explosion
• Deductible buy-downs


Costero Brokers Ltd. have vast experience in offering competitive coverage for Commercial Auto Physical Damage (FTC) and Motor Truck Cargo insurance.

Additional Coverage Highlights
• Dealer’s Open Lot
• Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability coverage
• Dealers (both franchised and non-franchised), garages, tow truck services, storage depots, etc who sell, service or hold autos, pickups, minivans, SUVs, RVs, trucks and buses

Extended Warranty (Electrical Mechanical Breakdown) & Gap Coverages for a variety of units as follows;
• Motor Vehicles
• Motorbikes/Scooters
• LCV/Vans & Trucks
• Tyre Covers
• Boats
• Heavy Plant & Equipment (which includes Construction and Agricultural Equipment)


Our Reinsurance team have many years of experience in the provision of diverse reinsurance solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of risks and products.

Our reinsurance specialists work for customers based across the globe in the review, design and implementation of facultative, facilities and treaty reinsurance structures for all classes of business.

Our product range extends across Treaty, Facultative, Lineslips and Binders and includes the following:
• Proportional, quota share and surplus
• Excess Loss, Risk and Cat
• Stop Loss
• Captive
• Alternative Risk and Long-term Structures
• Blended structured reinsurance
• Retrocession
• Run Off protection
• Industry Loss Warranty
• Reinstatement Premium Protection
• Mirror Policies
• Deductible Buy-down


Costero Brokers Ltd. look to develop long term relationships with independent retail brokers in the UK. Our aim is to provide a full range of facility arrangements to these brokers to assist them in handling their business as efficiently as possible across the range of business classes they handle.

Independent brokers provide a vital alternative to customers instead of purchasing insurance over the internet where advice and knowledge is vital to the customer in helping purchase the correct product and level of coverage.

Whilst some will have been Coverholders previously for others it may be the first time they have held a delegated authority. Costero will be able to assist in not only providing a binding authority with an “A” rated carrier, but in assisting the Coverholder in operating the facility and correctly reporting business bound to Underwriters. On an ongoing basis Costero will provide support to the Broker to ensure the relationship with the Underwriter remains positive and constructive and the facility can evolve in terms of growth, coverage and in line with an ever-changing marketplace. Brokers would be supplied with an underwriting guide and all of the other documentation required to operate a binding authority.

The classes of business which are frequently handled are as follows:
• Commercial Property Owners
• Commercial Combined and Package including shops and offices
• Landlord, including student, DSS and Asylum Seekers occupancy
• Unoccupied Property
• Homeowners
• Holiday Homes and Static Caravans
• Professional indemnity
• Travel
• Equipment Hire
• Fleet
• Cyber
• Drones
• Terrorism