Credit and Political Risk

The world continues to be a politically volatile and unstable place. Add to the equation credit risks and any company or financier can experience either the loss of an asset or receivable or an unexpected liability arising from the following insurable risks:

  • Buyer or Borrower nonpayment
  • Counter party non-performance such as failure to deliver goods
  • Frustration of an overseas contract due to government action or inaction
  • Import or export license cancellation
  • Imposition of embargoes
  • Confiscation, Expropriation, or Nationalisation of fixed assets such as equity or buildings, or mobile assets such as inventory, leased equipment, contractor’s plant, and mortgaged or leased assets
  • The fair or unfair calling of on-demand guarantees
  • Physical Damage due to war, political violence, terrorism, strikes, riots, and civil commotion

Customers include banks/financial institutions, funds, exporters, traders, DFIs, and policies can be structured as facultative reinsurance for ECAs and other insurance company customers. Cover is available across all finance sectors but predominantly project, export, commodity, corporate finance, and interbank lending.