Costero Brokers Ltd. work with the leading Healthcare underwriters in Lloyd’s and we offer solutions to a wide range of clients and industry sectors to address the ever-growing risks faces by the global healthcare industry.
Our products include:
  • Medical Professional liability
  • Life Sciences – products liability, GL, and professional.
  • Clinical trials
  • General liability
  • High limit disability to Physicians in the USA only.
  • Managed Care E&O, D&O and EPLI
  • Cyber Liability / Network Security for physicians, hospitals and medical clinics
  • Legal expenses for defence costs, civil fines and penalties for Billing Errors
  • Non-Standard Physicians
Our clients include:
  • Healthcare systems, hospitals & community hospitals
  • Clinics, rehab clinics & surgical clinics
  • Home healthcare
  • Tele-medicine and online e-healthcare
  • Long term care & nursing homes (skilled, assisted & independent living)
  • Universities, colleges & teaching institutions
  • Doctor & physician groups
  • Association of medical professionals & affinity groups
  • Managed care organisations
  • Miscellaneous healthcare

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