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Costero Brokers Ltd. looks to develop long-term relationships with independent retail brokers in the UK. Our aim is to provide a full range of facility arrangements to these brokers to assist them in handling their business as efficiently as possible across the range of business classes they handle.
Independent brokers provide a vital alternative to customers—instead of purchasing insurance over the internet—where advice and knowledge is vital to the customer in helping purchase the correct product and level of coverage.
Whilst some will have been coverholders previously, for others it may be the first time they have held a delegated authority. Costero will be able to assist in not only providing a binding authority with an “A”-rated carrier, but also in assisting the coverholder in operating the facility and correctly reporting business bound to underwriters. On an ongoing basis, Costero will provide support to the broker to ensure the relationship with the underwriter remains positive and constructive and the facility can evolve in terms of growth, coverage, and in line with an ever-changing marketplace. Brokers would be supplied with an underwriting guide and all of the other documentation required to operate a binding authority.
The classes of business which are frequently handled are as follows:
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Commercial Combined and Package including shops and offices
  • Landlord, including student, DSS and Asylum Seekers occupancy
  • Unoccupied Property
  • Homeowners
  • Holiday Homes and Static Caravans
  • Professional indemnity
  • Travel
  • Equipment Hire
  • Fleet
  • Cyber
  • Drones
  • Terrorism

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