Personal Cyber

Costero PerCy, our Personal Cyber insurance product available in the UK, USA, and Europe helps individuals and families to reduce their exposure to a cyber attack and gives them peace of mind with specific cyber risks. It includes a free personal cyber risk assessment via a specialist vendor and includes the following coverages:
  • Computer Attack – Reimburse the costs to repair or replace the affected PC’s, tablets, IOT and smart appliances.
  • Network extortion – reimburse the costs and expenses of engaging an IT expert to remove malware and deal with a ransomware incident including the reimbursement the ransom or extortion for the release of personal information or the third party’s confidential information.
  • Data loss recovery – reimburse costs and expenses to restore personal information and digital assets that has arisen due to a cyber incident.
  • Identity theft – reimburse the costs to rectify credit records through theft of ID; reimburse expenses (including travel above 240km) to resolve issues with credit records. Access to credit monitoring for 12 months after the incident.
  • Unauthorised online transactions – Reimburse the financial losses suffered pay for the unauthorised purchases where a bank will not reimburse the funds (credit cards are excluded).
  • Mobile banking protection – Reimburse the financial loss arising from the Unauthorised Use of Your Mobile Payment App following the loss or theft of Your Mobile Device.
We target our personal cyber product to the following groups:
  • Insurers – As a value add onto other personal lines products such as homeowners.
  • Affinity Groups – Banks, credit card companies, associations. PerCy is a fantastic way for these entities to attract and retain customers, whilst reducing their own exposure to online fraud.
  • Employee Benefits – PerCy is an excellent way for employers to demonstrate they care about their employees’ well-being and awareness, while also mitigating their own cyber risk. Learning about the product and exposure can also contribute to staff’s Continuing personal development.

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