Costero offers our clients access to global property markets for a wide range of occupations ranging from but not limited to hospitality, retail, real estate, logistics, manufacturing, or high-value homes, habitational. We specialize in open market placements, lineslips, reinsurance, and large facultative placements. By achieving the most comprehensive coverage at competitive terms, combined with excellent client service, we aim to build long term relationships.
Coverage Highlights:
  • All risks of physical loss or damage
  • Terrorism
  • Named and non-named windstorm
  • Flood
  • Storm surge
  • Wind-driven water
  • Earthquake / shock
  • Business interruption
  • Contingent business interruption
  • Wild Fire
  • Deductible buy-downs

Geographic Scope


Structure of Placement

Insurance (Single-Risk or Lineslips) Parametric, Binder or Reinsurance

Commercial Property In-House Facility

  • Limit $5,000,000 any one location depending on construction type
  • Terrorism
  • Aggregate in all States
  • All risks of physical loss or damage excluding flood and earthquake
  • Wind and hail only
  • Earthquake only
  • Wind and hail deductible buy back
    / shock
  • Security 100% Lloyd’s of London

For submission under the inhouse Binder most occupancies considered with a fully completed Acord Application and currently valued hard loss runs : areas where there is less appetite being Hotels / Motels / old apartment buildings and heavy manufacturing.