Treaty, Alternative Risk Transfer and Captives

Our Reinsurance team have many years of experience in the provision of diverse reinsurance solutions for our clients across the full spectrum of risks and products.
Our reinsurance specialists work for customers based across the globe in the review, design, and implementation of facultative, facilities, and treaty reinsurance structures for all classes of business.
Our product range extends across Treaty, Facultative, Lineslips and Binders and includes the following:
  • Proportional, quota share and surplus
  •  Excess Loss, Risk and Cat
  •  Stop Loss
  •  Captive
  •  Alternative Risk and Long-term Structures
  •  Blended structured reinsurance
  •  Retrocession
  •  Run Off protection
  •  Industry Loss Warranty
  •  Reinstatement Premium Protection
  •  Mirror Policies
  • Deductible Buy-down

Geographic Scope


Structure of Placement

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